Pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing

The career of nursing is the base of the medical profession. The demand for a qualified nursing specialist is as high as ever. An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) can provide the key to long-term job safety and the advantage of an outstanding career, which thrives on serving others. There are a number of misapprehensions regarding degree programs in the profession of nursing. Many students pursue an online bachelor’s degree in a different health and science career and move on to a professional nursing school. Whereas that is one profession path, students who plan to graduate from an online program and then go for RN certification could find the education they wish from a nursing bachelor’s degree program. For more information get into the link; http://www.asa.edu/nursing.asp.

Degree in Nursing


Apprentices enrolled in the bachelor of degree nursing degree program are required to complete successfully with 122-semester credits, along with 62 in general education as well as 61 in nursing. There are a number of requirements for these degree programs, which are intended by taking Excelsior College Examinations. Certainly, before you go for any courses or else any examinations, you need to talk about degree requirements further through your Excelsior College academic advisor.


Students who wish to work in the nursing profession, however, are not able to locate the appropriate educational outlet can consider associate degree online in nursing. Some students have personal responsibilities as well as obligations, which they need to keep them usually attending along with college campus degree programs. Online education allocates students to develop their academic program with their current personal responsibilities. Online students would get feedback from instructors by email and would be able to interact with peers via online forums. Online nursing degrees are avenues by which students could secure internships. Courses offer applied work experience in the healthcare profession and can be the bridge between an academic degree as well as a rewarding profession in nursing.

Career Options

Some nursing students prefer a professional route to get into this qualified field as fast as possible. However, those who get bachelors in nursing automatically turns to be candidates for career advancement prospects. Bachelors would set up students to get into the profession as practicing RNs upon qualifications. Students can even try out with master’s program.


Accreditation is simply granted while a nursing program and the online college providing the program got high content principles on a choice of areas, which includes clear and defined goals, objectives and program estimated outcomes calculating student achievement. While considering a nursing profession, and all through the route of the program, preceptors, faculty, students and administrators need to get clear understandings of the program’s task and objectives and their individual responsibilities. CCNE anticipates those to be well defined, written as well as available, and to meet professional standards.

Therefore it is important for you to enroll into this program-Associates Degree in Nursing as most students are eligible for licensed as Licensed Practical Nurse or as a Registered Nurse. Also, a most two-year set of courses provides the groundwork for students to pass the NCLEX. Any nurse with a two- year degree is authorized to enjoy brighter career.

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