Anavar Testosterone Cycles: Results and Side Effects

The major Anavar Test cycles which are more commonly recommended includes Enanthate, Propionate, and Equipoise. These cycles are usually implemented by the users in order to boost their testosterone levels or to keep them in proper balance. It has been used to help the bodybuilders in attaining lean muscle mass, promoting weight loss, and well maintained physique. The best part is that it is much milder on the liver which restricts the growth of liver enzymes. It is due to this reason Anavar is considered less toxic compared to other anabolic steroids. The side effects of propionate and Anavar are probable but they are subject to certain controls.

As it doesn’t aromatize, it appeals to large section of athletes, bodybuilders, as well as fitness enthusiasts. From this particular point it is clear thatthe male hormone doesn’t convert testosterone into estrogen. This prevents the user from going through severe changes which are subject to accumulatetoo much estrogen getting into the body. As Anavar is considered as C17 alpha-alkylated medication it is altered on the 17th carbon position whichmakes them active for a long time that is considered enough to pass through the liver.  Altering is regarded as an essential activity because it is not done, they dies before reaching the bloodstream. As the result, the benefits delivered by them are not reaped.

Anavar Testosterone Cycles

Anavar and testosterone should be used in the cycle dosage because it enables the medication to boost muscle definition and promote weight loss. This is the reason behind its exclusive use for cutting cycles, both for men as well as women. Users tend to consume certain dosage over the course of weeks in order to achieve their size and definition goals. If they are stacked to the cycle, it would be more effective since it involve one or more performance stimulants.

Steroid cycle should be stacked on the basis of testosterone. This measure is highly practiced by the professionals who are familiar to the drug. Though Anavar is ideally used in the cutting cycle, you can also stack it in the bulking cycle for sustainable gain in muscle tissues. Here the muscle gains are rarely noticed as it is proved more effective in the cutting cycle. Generally beginners are recommended to stack testosterone to their Anavar cutting cycles. The standard dose for the first 12 weeks is 100mg of testosterone propionate every other day, then 50mg each day for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

The results are certain and positive when Anavar is combined with something else, but at the same time there is a risk of side effects of propionate and Anavar which could probable occur as a result of wrong dosage of misuse of the drug. Similarly you can also stack Enanthate to your Anavar cycle. Enanthate is classified as an injectable testosterone supplement which is derived primarily from endogenous androgenic testosterone and is consideredsuitable once it is stacked with Anavar. It is one of the closest replicas of natural testosterone on the market which makes them less harmful.

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