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If you’re a writer, every Friday you should spend some time in hindsight more than the actual marketing strategy and writing routine you created on Sunday or Monday to observe how you’ve spent your perform week.In the event you follow your marketing strategy during the week, on Friday you should feel pretty good about the progress you have made the previous few days. And, you should have marked off several items in your “to do” list each day.

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But every Friday, when you are evaluating what you’ve done during the last 5 days, additionally be looking for behaviors and actions that you’ve taken which were not on your marketing plan – actions that really didn’t move you any closer to your major career goals for the year.

For instance, how much time have you spend on Twitter or facebook during the week, just sharing cute pictures, fascinating estimates, or foolish sayings?

Social network sites like Twitter and facebook are ideal for writers like you. But only when used tactically. Otherwise, they could rob you of valuable writing time.Have there been actions on the week’s marketing plan that you KNOW is needed move you nearer to your goals, yet you didn’t take these actions since you felt just a little “uncomfortable” about the subject?

For instance, did you intend to query the sunday paper with an article idea, yet you didn’t obtain the query written for fear it will be rejected?

OR – did you plan to contact some local business owners with proposals for writing services you can offer them, however you “chickened out” and didn’t understand this done?

Obviously, think about evaluate each Friday is whether you had a marketing plan and work schedule in position for that week. In the event you did not have this stuff in place, your first task for the arriving week is to find your marketing plan and work schedule created.

Think of this – The life span you’re living and also the success you are experiencing right now really are a direct result of the actions you’ve been taking every single day, every week.

Authors Education

If you aren’t happy with your lifetime and/or your company right now, you will want to get tough on yourself and begin taking the actions that will ultimately result in the life and business you want.

Evaluating how you spend your time each week will help you realize what you ought to do differently the next week if you are finally acquiring seriously interested in reaching your objectives.

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