Common Essay Writing Slip-ups and How to Evade Them

Many students think that putting words on paper is easy. However, the thought makes a complete 180-degree turn once their teacher assigns them to write a piece about a particular subject. Let’s get one thing clear – essay writing is not a trivial task. Not everyone has interest on every topic known to humankind. Albeit students can complete essays within the allotted time, the scores reveal all with poorly-written papers. Before figuring out the ways to write good essays to acquire high marks, it is vital to know and understand some common writing mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future.

  • Vague Points

When writing an essay, create a list of important points about the subject, and then expand on them by stating examples or facts. For example, if you’re composing an essay about why businesses tend to fail, write down a list of important points related to the main topic. Don’t write something like “the company failed because of the economy,” and nothing else. If you decide to write a vague subheading, then expand on that idea by giving detailed information about the point of concern.

  • Repeating Ideas and Words

“Healthy diets are all the rage because they are healthy.” If you take a look at that statement, it doesn’t look like a good read. If this is the kind of text you place at the beginning of your essay, then your teacher would most probably laugh at you, stop reading right there, or immediately give you a failing grade right from the get-go.

Common Essay Writing Slip-ups

If you have to repeat the same words in a single sentence, then use synonyms or alternative terms. A thesaurus is your best friend in this regard. Otherwise, try to introduce something new in the same statement.

  • Slang

Essays are all about formal writing, but sometimes the requirements set by a teacher condone some informal statements. However, there is one style of writing many educators don’t want to see in papers – slang.

Don’t write “doncha” if you’re going to write “don’t you” in your sentence. Another example is replacing “gonna” with “going to.” While many cultures use slang words to simplify communication, it’s not a good style of writing, and many teachers abhor the sight of it.

  • Forgetting to Proofread

Perhaps the most common mistake without getting any paper help is the avoidance or failing to remember to proofread. Students have multiple assignments and projects to pass by a set deadline, that is a fact known by everyone. However, if you’ve just finished a 500-word essay and call it complete without proofreading it, then you risk overlooking minor and major mistakes in your piece.

This thought can slip from the mind of the very busy student, only to find out that they’ve forgotten to put an apostrophe in “its” to convey possession, thus resulting in a subtraction of their score.

Knowing and avoiding essay writing mistakes is a prime way of keeping your grades in top form. Acquiring paper help from professional writing services is an ideal way of acquiring assurance that these mistakes are not found in your essay.

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