How to Prepare for PTE

or all students willing to take the study abroad route, one inevitable process is that of the English Language Eligibility Test. Be it for USA, UK,Canada, Australia or Germany, an English Language Test is mandatory. This is because for a good career after overseas education, you must have a good language comprehension and expression level, which tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE, help to find out. Out of the three tests mentioned, PTE or the Pearson Test of English, is entirely computer-based test and delivers result in as quick as five days. So, here’s a list of Preparation tips and tricks for the PTE test.

What is PTE?

The Pearson Test of English is an English language test for non-native English speakers, that is conducted by the London-based media company, named Pearson PLC Group. PTE is accepted in UK,Australia, Spain, China, France, Italy, Malaysia for overseas education. The PTE score ranges from 10-90. The levels of 4 and 5, that is, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFRL of C2 Proficient and C1 Advanced are admitted into universities, under the PTE General module.

How to Prepare for PTE

Why is PTE Needed for Study Abroad Admissions?

PTE has two modules, namely General and Academic.The General PTE test is designed for students who wish to live and work in the intended English country,whereas Academic modules is for students who wish to study in the English country, therefore have to pass a slightly harder tests. In fact, PTE Academic has received a heads up from the Graduate Management Admission Council or (GMAC), that holds the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. In addition, you PTE scores will play a major role in visa and permanent residence applications for countries such as Australia. In the residency points scheme, a score of 65 and above can fetch you about 10 points and 80 and beyond can get you a whopping 20 points, definitely an ultra-booster in the process.

How is PTE Different from IELTS and TOEFL?

Just like the IELTS and TOEFL tests, PTE too tests the applicants’ English language skills through Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening tests. Like the IELTS,PTE oo has two modules; General and Academic. The PTE Academic is for students who wish to study in the intended English-speaking country they are going to. In fact, PTE like the TOEFL, is a completely computer-based test as opposed to the manual IELTS test. PTE scores come out in only five days as opposed to the thirteen days that the IELTS results take. In addition, the score ranges for PTE is 10-90, 0-9 for IELTS and 0-120 for TOEFL.

What Skills are Tested in PTE?

The following skills are tested in the PTE test, be it Academic or the General Training module;

  1. Reading– 30-40 minutes for 5 passages in the Academic Module.
  2. Writing– 40 minutes for 2 writing tasks, including the Summary Section, and Speaking-40 minutes of Introduction and Question/Answer and Discussion.
  3. Listening– 45-60 minutes for nearly 8 recording clips in the Academic Module.

The idea behind the test is to validate the candidate’s English skills in terms of language speech, comprehension, expression and understanding in a wholesome manner. It acts as a proof of your language proficiency that is mandatory to be given along with the other application documents.

How to Prepare for PTE to Study Abroad?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin. But a failure is not what AdmitKard would want you to be. Therefore,here are some ways or strategies to tackle PTE and get a perfect score.

     Familiarize with the Paper Pattern and Assessment Criteria.

     Take Mock Tests to Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

     Make a strategic plan to study your weak topics/skills first and then move on to the strong ones.

     Find study materials and tutorials online.

     Again, do mock tests and sample papers.

     Make sure, you practice time management.

Tips and Tricks for PTE Preparation:

Remember, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”– H. Jackson Brown Jr. So, to help you succeed in this preparation battlefield, here are certain tips and tricks that will ensure you steer through the PTE test with a score as perfect as a 90.

  1. Don’t be nervous or anxious.
  2. Keep yourself calm during the preparation as well as the test day.
  3. Keep a track of time, during preparations as well as the test day.
  4. Make sure you allot ample time to each question of each section, without wasting time on the whole.
  5. Keep yourself focused and alert,especially during the listening and speaking sections of the test.
  6. Ensure that you have practiced so well that all silly mistakes are taken care of during the preparation itself.
  7. While doing the writing and speaking sections, make sure you keep grammar in mind.
  8. Make no grammatical errors, as this reduces the overall score.
  9. Apart from grammar, punctuations in the writing sections are of great importance. Make sure you don’t miss you commas, colons, etc.
  10. Listen/read questions carefully and answer them accordingly,or else you answer will be marked incorrect and you’ll lose marks.
  11. For Speaking, practice daily at home.
  12. Speak in front of the mirror, record yourself and even read passages loudly to have clear speaking skills.
  13. Read the newspaper and stay in touch with the current topics, which might be a part of your test, in some form or the other.
  14. Refer to friends who have already have the experience of the test and learn from their stories and experiences.
  15. Practice and Practice everyday.

PTE is one exam for which you need to just practice and prepare well some amount of hard work and you can definitely ace the exam. We hope that this article gives you an idea about PTE preparations.

Good luck!

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