Is It Better To Attempt Gmat As A Fresher Or With Some Job Experience?

A career can be explained as one’s progress in an occupation or series of occupation. Perhaps, choosing a career is a challenging task as you have to consider a lot many factors like: scope, growth rate, compensation, among several others.

Often students opt for MBA as an advanced degree to enhance their career graph and meet the above-mentioned objectives. Mainly, it is recommended that earning an MBA abroad after writing GMAT provides extra mileage to meet career endeavors. Often, the GMAT aspirants get confused over: Is it better to attempt GMAT as a fresher or with some job experience?

Attempt Gmat

We want to state that GMAT doesn’t require any sort of working experience from their test seekers; however, B-schools demand for work experience along with GMAT score. It is believed that the admission committee of the B-schools evaluate and assess the students’ potentials and observe the managerial traits and consider how their candidature could add more diversity to the business and management programs. To appear for GMAT, you must have a bachelor’s degree from the accredited college /institution/ university. The GMAT score is valid for five long years and if you’re a fresher, it is advisable to take down the test as earliest as possible due to the following two reasons:

(i) If you’re fresher you have a tendency to study long hours and GMAT demands 2-3 hours of regular study following the GMAT study plan opted. It will give you an edge over grasping the shortcut problem-solving techniques and enable you to retain the learning for a longer span of time. Simultaneously, with GMAT score, you can apply to the Certification Courses like Leadership programs and many others offered by the eminent B-schools. These programs can be pursued be online, and gives an upper hand at the admission process held for full-time MBA programs.

(ii) Or if you’ve recently started your career and at the initial of the career as like having industrial experience of one-two years then also you can distribute your time accordingly and devote it for studying GMAT.

With GMAT score, one can apply either for Master in Management (MIM) or MBA. The coursework of MIM is ideal either for freshers or graduates with less than two years of work experience. On the other hand, if you’re willing to pursue a full-time MBA, it is advisable to yield more than two years of work experience. Have more questions? Need more motivation? Call us for a free counselling session today! BYJU’S will be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by just giving a missed call at 08033172797, or you can write to us at

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