Must-Do Things for Writing an Outstanding Essay

Writing an essay is undoubtedly a skill that’s learnable, but it’s not necessarily as easy and straight forward for some students.

If you want your child to be a master in essay writing during their high school, here are few tips that would help your teen in increasing the marks in essay significantly.

Make sure to create a proper structure for your essay
Keep in mind that an essay is broken into different sections that make it clear and readable. If you write an essay on a full page without nay breaks, it becomes horrible to read it. To make it easy to read and understand, it’s good to divide it into certain sections that allow a logical flow to it.

You simply need to follow a formula that includes writing the introduction in the beginning, then writing all the main points and ideas in the body section following it with a conclusion, in which you’ve to mention the final thoughts you gather about the topic.

Writing an Outstanding Essay

In this section, you need to briefly introduce the topic you’re writing about adding the points as an outline to make it more informative. If you’re making to be an argument, you should make it clear not to forget to add your viewpoint.

Usually, an essay has 4-5 paragraphs and each paragraph contains the important points and ideas contributing to the overall topic and argument.

In this part, you just need, to sum up, the topic using the overall points and your point of view.

Define each paragraph in the body in a proper structure
Not only must the body of the complete essay, but also the paragraphs you add in the body have a proper structure. It’s necessary to learn that each paragraph must prove all the points meet certain requirements.

There is one rule called “SEXI” that you should follow while writing the paragraphs.

  • S: Statement
    The statement is one of the main points of your paragraph in the body section. In this, it’s important for you to mention what part of the topic you’re discussing and also explain its meaning. You can include the historical event and it later affects in this part of the paragraph.
  • E: Explanation
    In this part, you need to explain everything that you write in the statement part. It’s important to tell your readers that what you’ve written is correct.

  • X: Example
    Explain your statement using an example. You can also add facts and evidence to this part of your paragraph.

  • I: Importance
    Whatever points you mention in your paragraph, keep in mind to tell its importance to your readers. Why are the points related to the topic important to understanding? It might not always be necessary to mention but if you can do this, go for it.

An essay plan is necessary for your essay
Before you get started with your essay writing, make a quick plan using “how”, “what” and “why”. If you make an essay plan before writing an essay, it gives a proper structure to your essay.

Proofread and edit
Give a quick revise to what you’ve written checking if there is no grammatical error or spelling mistake. Jot down the important points because it effects in clarifying the topic, saves a lot of time of yours, and results into an engaging essay.


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