Role Of Latest Technology In Traditional And Distance Learning

We all are surrounded by the technology and it has become an integral part of our day to day lives. We have been using the tech gadget much in these days even while we are eating, working or learning. Due to the continuous advancement in the technology, teaching and learning is going to be easier and effective than ever. Educational institutes and organizations would have a fewer strength of traditional learner and a big number of online learners who live overseas. Role of technology in education is quite significant as it makes learning more interesting and fun.

Improved teaching

Undoubtedly, theoretical explanations cannot help students much to learn complex concepts and lectures in a traditional classroom. But presentation of a concept via info graphic, image or video can help them consume the delivered knowledge and information effectively than before. In this way, they can understand exactly how the information or data is applied in practice. Use of projectors, computers and tablets in the classroom enables the teachers and instructors to deliver the knowledge more effectively in a way which is entertaining and interesting for students as well.

Traditional And Distance Learning

Educational technology and healthy environment

Do you really know that a large amount of papers and trees can be saved by implementing the technology in the classroom in form of ebooks or digital textbooks? Yes, you cannot count the figure. In simple words, latest educational technology is not only beneficial for students and teachers but also great for a healthy and natural environment. According to the experts, in future the education would be completely online. Students will take classes online and also submit the tests and annual exams online via emails or other online resources available.

More accessible distance learning

Thanks to the internet, anyone can get quick access to the desired information and data from anywhere. As distance learning is one of the latest learning trends all around the world, it is more accessible in these days due to the advanced technology and high speed internet. A full time employee or worker can easily earn a quick bachelor degree online even without sacrificing his/her daily work routine. Mobile devices and cloud storage solutions has made the data and information access possible in real time from everywhere. Students can build up their own personalized study schedules based on their needs and requirements.

Effective collaboration

Collaboration is considered as a vital element when it comes to complete a group assignment or project by a particular group of students and traditional collaboration can make the classroom a complete mess. Thanks to the cloud storage, now students can access a same document or project in real time from their own mobile devices or desktops. For example, if more than one students can work on an essay writing project by way of brainstorming, they can share the word file easily with each other by using Google drive. In this way, they all will be able to make essential changes in the document for better outcomes at the end.

Quick and easy access to information and data

There is no more need to spend hours in the library to get specific information or data related to a course subject because it is now the matter of moments with help of the Google. Simply type the information or details you need and it will provide you with a lot of best possible resources that students can utilize to gain suitable details, information and data even without leaving the classroom or study room in the house. They can also keep the obtained data save for a long run by using different tools like online notepads and cloud drives etc.

Students’ progress tracking

Thanks to the cloud and mobile technology, teachers can conveniently set, collect and calculate students’ grades within minutes. On another hand, students will have quick access to their progress, annual test results and grades via their own mobile devices and computers. Most of the educational systems are now using mobile devices to keep their students connected with the institute. Students can use such applications to access useful data like course details, examination timetables and results etc on their fingertips.

Fun while learning

Due to the educational technology, now students can learn according to their learning styles and paces. If a student can pick new things up by watching a video, he/she can watch YouTube videos to gain and consume knowledge more effectively than ever. As they can learn lessons and lectures on their mobile devices, having a mobile is no more distraction for students as they can have fun while learning the course lessons and lectures.

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