Why You Should Study Through One of Ukraine’s Medical Universities

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn.” –  Hippocrates

Hippocrates was a Greek physician who is known as the “Father of Modern Medicine.” Furthermore, he is considered one of the most prominent figures in the history of medicine. His biggest contribution as the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine is that he established medicine as a scientific discipline and profession.

It is worth noting, as Hippocrates stated in his quotation mentioned above, that as a physician or medical doctor, you will spend your life studying to ensure that you are a highly skilled professional. Therefore, to emulate the Father of Modern Medicine, and to be the best doctor you can be, it makes sense to study medicine at a premier medical school with world-class facilities.

Ukraine's Medical Universities

Reasons to study in the Ukraine

Unfortunately, the costs of studying medicine can be prohibitive; however, you can reduce these costs substantially by enrolling to study an MBBS in Ukraine. Why Ukraine? Well, several reasons really. Ergo, here are the elements that make up the answer to why you should read for your medical degree in the Ukraine:

High-quality medical degrees

The Ukraine was the second-largest region within the Soviet Union; therefore, she has a proud academic history as part of the Soviet Union. It is worth mentioning that many third-world countries used to send their medical students to the Soviet Union for training. As a result of the Soviet Union’s advanced medical facilities and high academic standards, Ukraine’s medical universities continue to offer some of the best medical degrees in the world.

Reasonably priced study and living costs.

Much has been made of the high cost of tertiary education in the United States of America. Tara Kuther of ThoughtCo.com sites that medical studies can cost up to $35 000 (US) per year at a public school. Additionally, it can cost over $50 000 (US) per annum to study medicine at a private institution. These figures are far from being cost-effective and affordable. Living and studying in the Ukraine, on the other hand, is both cost-effective and affordable for international students.

Global recognition

Ukrainian medical degrees conferred on international students are globally recognised by organisations such as the World Health Organisation as well as UNESCO. Therefore, you are guaranteed a world-class education when you study medicine in the Ukraine.

English-language studies

A vital component of any international degree is the option of studying in English. Therefore, the top medical schools in the Ukraine offer tuition in English. Ergo, international students do not need to learn another language on top of coping with studying in a foreign country.

Integration and support of students

Ukraine tertiary institutions offer student integration and support programmes for all new and returning students. In other words, students are helped with the integration into the Ukrainian student life and academic culture. These support structure and programmes are invaluable to all international students throughout the whole time that they are studying in the Ukraine.

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