What is US Green Card & How You Can Get it?

You might be heard of US green card and don’t how you can get this prestigious card. If you’re thinking to migrate to United States or want to have info about US green card, we are up with a blog post ‘’What is US Green Card & How You Can Get it?’’ that will surely help you comprehend this particular card.

What is US Green Card?

A US Green Card holder is a permanent resident who can live in United States indefinitely but can’t spend a particular time away from US. Otherwise this title will be taken away from you if you don’t comply with United States rules and regulations. A permanent resident or green card holder can’t be a Citizen of United States until he/she complies with all the rules required for US citizenship program.

Below are the categories through which you can apply for US Green Card:

US Green Card

Via Company or Employer

If you’re getting an opportunity to work in United State, then you may be eligible of green card because your employ can make it happen. Your owner has the ability to get you green card. If you’re falling under this category, congrats you’re a few steps away from that prestigious title.

Through Family

If you’re lucky enough to have parents living in USA, you can also apply for US green card. All the green card holders living in USA can sponsor green card application for its kids and parents.

Through Investment

If someone is looking to invest in a US company, he/she can apply for US green card. It’s in US state laws giving anyone a right to apply for the US green card if he or she wants to invest in the United States.

However, there’s also a couple ways such as lottery and refugee or asylum status through which one can apply for US green card.

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