Why Is Testosterone So Popular?

Previously there was a misconception about testosterone, that it was a weak steroid. However, this is not the case. The drug is used as part of a steroid stack, and although a very low dosage is usually sufficient, it still delivers as well as any other steroid that you may come across. This is what makes it immensely popular. Another factor is that this steroid can be used as a singular injectable, and doesn’t require any other auxiliary support as the side-effects are rare and minimum. The greatest need for an auxiliary injectable; is when using other forms of testosterone is to avoid the conversion to estrogen through aromatization of the compound that is injected. This steroid doesn’t convert, and so this need is overridden.

Testosterone So Popular

Properties of the drug

This steroid is used as an anti-estrogen drug. This is because it is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is a class of drug that is not prone to aromatization when in the human body. The property of this steroid is such that it blocks the receptor cells from binding to estrogen, thereby rendering it ineffective. The benefit of doing so is that this drug will control the amount of testosterone in the body that is converted to estrogen. This means more testosterone supply will exist in the body, and enhance the effectiveness of the medication in creating the body structure that is desired. It will also prevent the need for a supplementary medication to overcome the effects of estrogen formation, which normally occurs with other drugs.

It possesses anabolic and androgenic properties, and though not a strong androgen, it gives higher androgenic effects as with any other testosterone drug.

How to use it to improve the aesthetic look

It is primarily used to enhance your muscular look, and to tone your body to showcase your muscular look perfectly. The interesting factor about this steroid is that while other androgenic steroids are more effective in crafting an aesthetically appealing look to others who see you, this drug allows you to feel more self-satisfied with the muscular structure that is built. The muscles are more toned and less puffy, due to the drug not causing water retention. As a result, it has a finer form that is more chiseled and hard.

When you first begin masteron, it is suggested to have it along side another basic testosterone medication such as enanthate or propionate. This dosage is generally 400-500mg, and it should be had alongside masteron in the same dose. By this the user will lose body fat and the physique will be more rugged. Check the before and after pictures at Steroidly before you get started.

In the intermediate cycles, another oral anabolic steroid like anavar or winstrol can be introduced. This will cause bulking of the physique. As the cycles proceed, this should be the ideal form as no more than 3 compounds are actually required to create the intended look. It is primarily used in cutting cycles, where other fat loss agents can also be used. How the final look is will depend on how the other drugs that are used with it are chosen, and how they act on the person’s body.

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